British American Racing


Does anyone else miss the BAR formula one constructor?

Known as British American Racing, this Formula One team competed from 1999 to 2005 according to Wikipedia. They had a partnership with Honda for over six years who bought some of the team and then the entire team in September 2005.

Ultimately, Mercedes – the provider of power plants for BAR – would purchase the team which is now the leading constructor in F1 as of 2020. I know that is a bold statement when you consider the historical power of Ferrari but with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel as the winningest driver of his era as well as the most well paid athlete in any sport, anywhere on the planet it is true.

Auto Racing F1 Team BAROne of my favorite British American Racing moments was when they, with Alan van der Merwe behind the wheel, tried to break a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They came close in tests in the California desert but came up short and couldn’t continue at Bonneville because of water on the normally very dry salt flats. Honda, the new owner, was able to reach record speeds the next year in 2005 when they had more control of the team.

It is important to remember the significance of BAR (British American Racing) in the relatively modern history of F1 racing even if BAR isn’t a household name at this point. Honda certainly is a household name and Mercedes shares the spotlight with the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin (Red Bull) and even Lamborghini.

For me, I still follow F1 but not as much as back in the day with the more classic teams. The tragic loss of Ayrton Senna was a major blow for me. Today, I am watching the F1 documentary, “Drive To Survive” about modern racing on Netflix and playing daily fantasy sports (DFS) NASCAR on sites like and FanDuel. I know. I know. My Mom used to drive a Ford Taurus but it couldn’t go 250 MPH while making four left turns on a tilted oval track. The good news is that she sold that “beater” and now drives a Mercedes thus ties back to good old BAR.